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    Our technology. Your success.

    The KSB Group is one of the leading producers of pumps, valves and related service offerings. Annual sales revenue is almost 2200 million euro.

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    Our technology. Your success.

    “KSB is the brand with the greatest technical expertise in pumps and valves.” This approach means that KSB employees are close to customers on all continents, providing them with pumps and valves for almost all applications involving the transportation of fluids.

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    Partnerships built on trust: KSB works closely with its suppliers

    KSB Purchasing values long-term partnerships with suppliers who have high quality standards and competitive prices.

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    Corporate responsibility

    Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are an integral part of KSB’s corporate culture. This is why KSB is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

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    Research and development

    Innovative products and business ideas are the result of global research and development by the KSB Group.

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    Technology that makes its mark

    Wherever fluids need to be transported, controlled or shut off, customers worldwide trust our expertise as valve and pump manufacturers.