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  • Certified quality “Made by KSB”

    KSB aims to provide top-quality products and excellent service. The internal certification “Made by KSB” and the company’s focus on the European Foundation for Quality Management ensure that this is possible.

    qualitaetssicherung-picture The five main goals of KSB are:

    • Maximum customer satisfaction:
      Comprehensive, timely fulfilment of customer requirements
    • Fostering quality awareness:
      Continuous training to ensure a high level of qualification of all employees, role model function of management
    • Prevention (of faults or non-conformity) rather than cure:
      Systematic analysis of the root cause of faults or non-conformities in order to initiate preventive measures
    • Improvement in quality:
      Efficiency in all work processes
    • Involvement of suppliers:
      Fair and open partnership in pursuit of common goals

    KSB achieves these goals based on the following principles:

    • Uniform and secure quality guidelines
    • Focus on Business Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)
    • Modern quality management system

    Internal certification “Made by KSB”

    • Assured quality at all sites based on KSB quality standards
    • Short delivery times and global availability of the products through optimised manufacturing processes
    • Expert on-site service
    • Good price/performance ratio
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    Rainer Michalik


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    +49 9241 71-3412
    +49 172 7412675
    Leitlinien für Qualit?t

    Quality Guidelines

    Environmental Protection, Occupational Health

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