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  • Press Releases

    1. Sales and service partnership

      KSB’s US subsidiary GIW Industries, Inc., has entered into a sales and service partnership with the Finish company Outotec.

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    2. Change on the KSB Supervisory Board

      At its meeting on 10 and 11 September, the Supervi-sory Board of KSB AG elected Dr Thomas Seeberg as its new Chairman. He takes over from Klaus Kühborth who wishes to focus on strategic alignment issues and his responsibilities as the Managing Director of the majority shareholder Klein Pumpen GmbH.?

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    3. KSB publishes half-year financial report

      The KSB Group increased its sales revenue during the first six months by €?87.0 million (+ 8.6 %) to € 1,098.7 million. The pump and valve manufacturer announced this in its half-year financial report published today. Order intake grew by € 20.9 million (+ 1.8 %) over the same period to total €?1,152.8 million. The Group recorded strong order growth in its service business, while order intake in its project business was down on the comparative prior-year period.

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    4. KSB Board of Management rings opening bell

      This year marks the 120th anniversary of the listing of KSB?AG shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. To celebrate the occasion, KSB's two Board of Management members, Dr. Peter Buth-mann and Werner Stegmüller, rang the bell on 30 July to signal the start of trading.

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    5. KSB Group heading for growth

      KSB, the pumps and valves company, is striving to approach again the three-digit million mark in earnings before taxes (EBT) in 2015. As communicated at the financial press conference on 30 March 2015, this is to be achieved by sales revenue growth in all three segments – pumps, valves and service.

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