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    Discover the world of fluid transport that KSB makes possible with its pumps, valves and service offerings.

    Read about the projects KSB is involved in. Where are KSB pumps and valves in operation around the world? What challenges does KSB tackle every day? And who are the people that work for the company? Find out about all of this and more in our KSB Magazine.

    1. Smart factory: KSB pumps get ready for Industry 4.0!

      Comprehensive monitoring of your pumps with the monitoring system KSB Guard

      Find out more about smart products and services for the requirements of fully networked smart factories.

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    2. Wear-resistant materials in waste water pumps


      Waste water contains a lot of solid matter such as textiles, fibres or other solids which pose a particular challenge for the pumps.

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    3. Building Information Modelling: KSB provides digital BIM data

      Building 4.0 3D model

      Building Information Modelling is a digital method for the planning, construction, management and demolition of buildings. KSB supports this method and makes extensive BIM data available for download which can be used by construction experts such as planning consultants and architects.

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    4. Eight tips energy managers can use to increase efficiencyn


      By taking the right measures, the power consumption of pumps and drives can be reduced significantly. But which steps promise the greatest success most quickly? Read these eight tips on how to ensure a structured approach.

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    5. The motor issue – innovative technology pays off

      Sewatec with KSB SuPremE?

      A pump’s power consumption can become expensive over time, so efficiency is one of the many criteria utilized to save money in water pump station design. Less efficient pumps and motors require more power to move the same amount of water because of loss.

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    6. TCO in water industry pumping systems

      Hydraulic system, saving potentials, KSB, motor, module, circuit

      Part 2 of our 101 guide: Managing total costs of ownership and leveraging saving potentials.

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