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  • Valves from KSB – Cutting-edge technology, first-class quality

    Each year KSB manufactures almost a million valves. The range of valves on offer caters for numerous applications and is a perfect addition to KSB's comprehensive pump range. As well as manufacturing at its European locations, pump and valve producer KSB also operates plants in Asia and the Americas. This production network ensures that local customer support is always on hand when required. All products comply with the latest safety regulations and operate with excellent energy efficiency.

    KSB Valves Valves from KSB ensure the highest levels of energy efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art technology and over 140 years of experience.

    Solutions by KSB

    KSB valves are used in power stations, buildings, on ships and in process and water engineering systems. Alongside globe valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, diaphragm valves and check valves, the product range also includes actuators and positioners. This diverse product spectrum complements the Group's broad range of pumps, leaving it well positioned to offer all-in solutions for hydraulic applications and draw on its 140 years of experience. Throughout the company’s history, KSB engineers have consistently developed new innovative solutions including the first maintenance-free cast iron globe valve (BOA-H) and the first soft-seated globe valve (BOA-W).

    A selection can be found below.

    A short overview on valves

    In piping technology, a valve is a piping component which influences the fluid flow by opening, closing, diverting, mixing or partially obstructing the passage through itself. Valves are broadly classified according to their fields of application, e.g. power plant valves, heating valves, gas and food-grade valves. Valves are further categorised according to their basic design (globe, gate, butterfly, ball or plug and diaphragm valves) and according to the functions they perform, i.e. shut-off valves, safety valves, control valves and check or non-return valves. Depending on the type of actuation, a differentiation is made between manually operated and electrically, pneumatically and hydraulically actuated valves.

    Valve design features

    • Globe valve: obturator moves in a straight line and, in the seating area, parallel to the flow direction
    • Gate valve: obturator moves in a straight line and, in the seating area, at right angles to the flow direction
    • Ball or plug valve: obturator rotates about an axis at right angles to the flow direction and, in the open position, the flow passes through it
    • Butterfly valve: obturator rotates about an axis at right angles to the flow direction and, in the open position, the flow passes around it
    • Diaphragm valve: the flow passage is changed as a result of the deformation of the flexible obturator (diaphragm)
    • Strainer
    BOA-H Absperrventile mit Faltenbalg

    BOA-H Mat E and BOA-H Mat P globe valves

    Our actuated BOA-H Mat E/Mat P globe valves will impress you with their tight shut-off and reliable sealing. They’re also highly flexible across numerous applications.

    More to BOA-H Mat E and BOA-H Mat P globe valves
    BOA-CVE control valve

    BOA-CVE H control valve designed to easily and optimally regulate liquid flows

    The BOA-CVE H control valve reliably regulates liquid flows in all industrial applications. A major benefit is that it can be put to use quickly and easily, for example in air-conditioning and heating systems.

    More to BOA-CVE H control valves – for optimised and straightforward control of liquid flows
    Additional Information
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    KSB Valves

    Our world wouldn't be the same without valves. See how they shape our everyday lives.


    Product Brochure The Range of Valves

    Here you can download the brochure Valves Overview

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