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  • Products and Services

    Single-source supplier: your partner for pumps, valves and service


    We are your partner for the entire product life cycle with an extensive product portfolio and customized service and spare parts solutions.

    For the following applications:

    KSB original spare parts

    KSB Original Spare Parts

    Even with reliable KSB pumps, wear parts need to be replaced or repairs become necessary after the pumps have been in service for a certain period of time. KSB original spare parts ensure the operating reliability of your pumps and valves you have come to expect from KSB equipment.

    KSB original spare parts to KSB Original Spare Parts
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    Single-source supplier

    We are your partner for the entire product life cycle

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    Product Brochure Pumps and Automation

    Here you can download the brochure Pumps and Automation Overview

    Product Brochure Pumps and Automation7 MB

    Product Brochure The Range of Valves

    Here you can download the brochure Valves Overview

    Product Brochure The Range of Valves6 MB

    Technology that makes its mark

    Wherever fluids need to be transported, controlled or shut off, customers worldwide trust our expertise as valve and pump manufacturers.