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  • KSB cellular surface wear rings – minimum leakage loss, maximum efficiency

    KSB cellular surface wear rings help reduce energy costs and make for highly reliable operation. They ensure top efficiencies.

    KSB cellular surface wear rings KSB cellular surface wear rings help reduce internal leakage loss to a minimum. The pump casing wear rings make for smoother pump operation and a prolonged service life, thus reducing the energy costs.

    Why are KSB cellular surface wear rings more effective than rings with conventional surfaces?

    On KSB pumps, the casing wear ring’s regular surface pattern of precisely calculated and spark-eroded cells with an axis perpendicular to the direction of flow considerably decelerates axial flow and circumferential flow, thus optimally stabilising the rotor and reducing leakage losses much better than smooth surfaces or conventional surfaces with circumferential grooves.

    Conventional casing wear rings induce considerable efficiency losses caused by circumferential flow in the annular clearances.

    The innovative casing wear ring in KSB pumps acts as a supplementary bearing and improves the dynamic behaviour of the rotor.

    Benefits of KSB cellular surface wear rings at a glance

    • Low operating costs thanks to higher efficiency
    • Long service life
    • High operating reliability
    • Reduced CO2 emissions
    • High efficiency
    • Stable rotor
    • Improved anti-seizure properties
    • Low risk of damage to impeller and casing wear ring
    • Low internal leakage losses

    Straightforward retrofitting of high-pressure pumps

    Retrofitting with KSB cellular surface wear rings is straightforward.

    Additional Information