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  • Crude oil processing – KSB’s quality products spell top safety

    In onshore and offshore extraction, in refineries, intermediate storage and downstream applications – KSB products make sure our natural resources are processed safely and reliably.

    Oil and gas, petrochemical industry, crude oil processing Optimum functioning and maximum reliability are crucial, not only to ensure smooth processes but also to protect people and the environment.

    To process crude oil safely and efficiently all components have to be absolutely reliable. KSB takes utmost care to meet this criterion, particularly when it comes to process pumps and valves used in refineries.

    KSB pumps and valves are matched to:

    • Extreme temperatures
    • Highly volatile hydrocarbons and highly viscous fluids
    • Aggressive fluids containing gas, solid particles or abrasive substances
    Process pump, petrochemical industry

    RPH pump

    The robust single-stage process pumps of KSB’s RPH series reliably and efficiently handle fluids in refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants as well as in power stations.

    Prozesspumpe RPH tea to RPH pump

    CHTR barrel-type pump

    The multistage barrel-type CHTR pump runs reliably at high pressure and can thus sustain extremely demanding applications in the oil and gas industries.

    CHTR – multistage barrel-type pump to CHTR barrel-type pump
    RPH Service

    Retrofit in practice – RPC Retrofit Kit from KSB

    A new pump is not always required: With the RPC (Refinery Pump Cartridge) Retrofit Kit, KSB offers standardised upgrades for single-stage horizontal OH2 process pumps to API 610.

    More to Retrofit in practice – RPC Retrofit Kit from KSB
    Additional Information
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    Application brochure Petrochemistry

    Reliability that stands out: solutions for the petrochemical industry

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    2-page product leaflet CHTRa

    API 610 (BB3) Heavy-Duty, Between-Bearings, Axially Split Multistage Pump


    Application brochure FPSO

    Perfectly right. Perfectly flexible. FPSO with KSB

    Application brochure FPSO2 MB
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