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  • Are you looking for the right software for your automation technology?

    KSB makes life easy for its customers by providing a software package for servicing and commissioning automation solutions – including WIBU key download for optimum protection.

    PACTware is a vendor- and fieldbus-independent software for operating field devices. KSB uses this software as a standardised service tool for automation products.
    With PACTware KSB customers can load drivers (so-called DTMs = Device Type Managers) for field devices from different manufacturers into the service tool. They will then be available for selection in an electronic hardware catalogue.

    Hardware requirements for the automation tool

    A laptop or similar can be used for the display and for setting parameters. It has to be connected to the field device via the RS232 or USB interface (only for PumpDrive 2/PumpDrive 2 Eco). PACTware requires a minimum of 100 MB hard disk space and 50 MB main memory. The laptop or PC should have a Pentium III 400 MHz processor and, ideally, an XGA graphics card. It further requires a Microsoft-compatible mouse or equivalent pointing device.

    For laptops without RS232 interface, a converter from USB to RS 232 is used; once the converter has been connected to the USB2.0 interface and the corresponding driver has been installed, it serves as an RS232 connection. For PumpDrive 2/PumpDrive 2 Eco this converter is not required.

    Licence and copy protection with WIBU key

    Authorisation for changing parameters on the “Service” access level can be granted with a dongle. In order to protect the devices from being parameterised by untrained personnel, KSB uses a protective key (also known as dongle) by the company Wibu-Systems.

    software_verbindung_image Connection between parameterisation device (laptop) and terminal device via USB2.0 to RS 232 converter

    Customers using PumpDrive 2 or PumpDrive 2 Eco (0.37 kW - 4 kW from 31 July 2014) require a parameterisation cable (USB optical) for connecting the device to the laptop.

    Overview of required accessories

    • Authorisation dongle: accessory without software; e-mail for enabling the dongle:?support.servicetool@ksb.com?
      Ident. number: 47121256
    • Parameterisation cable (RS232)
      Ident. number: 47117698
    • Converter (USB2.0 to RS232)
      Ident. number: 01111255
    • Parameterisation cable PumpDrive 2 and PumpDrive 2 Eco: (USB, optical)
      Ident. number: 01538436


    PumpDrive R

    For parameterisation of the PumpDrive R the Danfoss software “MCT 10 Basic” in the variant for application with the Danfoss FC 202 series can be used:?MCT 10?
    Release key (KSB-CD-Key): 12320200

    Setup files for field bus modules
    The setup of the field bus modules of PumpDrive R is done with the corresponding files used for the Danfoss FC202 series: Setup files field bus modules

    PumpMeter for Etaline Z PumpDrive 2 / PumpDrive 2 Eco

    Additional Information

    Automation support hotline

    Phone:+49 6233 86-0



    Service-Tool Support

    Etaline with PumpDrive and PumpMeter

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